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Liquidyn P-Jet Series Jetting Valves

Dispense low- to medium-viscosity fluids in extremely accurate, repeatable beads and lines with the high-performance Liquidyn® P-Jet jet valve. Micro-deposits as small as 3 nL can be applied at up to 280Hz.

Liquidyn P-Dot Series Jetting Valves

Designed for thicker medium-viscosity to highly viscous materials, the pneumatically actuated Liquidyn® P-Dot jet valve provides very precise, repeatable jetting in the form of dots, beads, and lines.

PICO Pulse Contact Dispense Valves

Apply precise microdots and control surge when dispensing lines and stripes with the PICO Pµlse® contact dispense valve.

PICO Pulse Jetting Valve Series

Nordson EFD’s PICO Pµlse® exchangeable, modular jet valve technology dispenses with industry-leading accuracy and speed to apply very precise, repeatable micro-deposits at 1000Hz continuous and bursts up to 1500Hz

Liquidyn P-Jet SolderPlus Jetting System

This complete solder paste jetting system is designed specifically to jet Nordson EFD SolderPlus® dispensing paste with high accuracy and repeatability at faster speeds for increased productivity.

Liquidyn V200 Valve Controllers

The multi-functional Liquidyn® V200 controller provides safe, easy operation of the Liquidyn P-Jet and Liquidyn P-Dot series jet valves and greater control over dispensing outcomes.

PICO Toµch Controllers

The PICO® Toµch™ controller’s intuitive touchscreen interface greatly simplifies setup and operation of the PICO Pµlse® valve, while allowing precise adjustment of valve parameters.

xQR41 MicroDot Valves

The xQR41 Series MicroDot™ needle valve features QR (Quick Release) technology, a 60% smaller form factor, and modular design for new levels of customization in precision fluid dispensing.

781Mini Spray Valves

The 781Mini™ spray valve’s innovative design directs nozzle air pressure more consistently for exceptionally more uniform, narrower spray patterns than previously possible.

Series 400 Autovalve

The Series 400 is a reliable and durable pneumatic meter mix autovalve built with PTFE seals that reduce maintenance in the shut-off area.

Series 450 Autovalve

The Series 450 meter mix autovalve features shut-off pistons, which provide precise control of dot or shot volume. Adjust its seals without disassembly of the valve body for added convenience

Series 550 LP and 560 HP Manual Dispense Valves

Intended for low pressure and high pressure meter mix applications, the inexpensive Series 550 LP and 560 HP manual valves are ideal for dispensing beads or RTM casting.
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