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Nordson EFD Dispensing Component is designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves production yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable results possible.  Nordson EFD's Syringe Barrel Systems, Cartridge Systems, 2K Systems and Dispensing Tips set the standard for quality, consistency, and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry.

Components are molded from proprietary materials that provide superior strength and exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility with a wide variety of assembly fluids in applications involving contact, non-contact, and two-component (2K) dispensing.

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General Purpose Tips

Made from burr-free, polished passivated stainless steel, Optimum® general purpose dispense tips are ideal for handling a wide range of assembly fluids.

SmoothFlow Tapered Tips

Ideal for use with medium-to-high viscosity fluids, Optimum® SmoothFlow™ tapered dispensing tips apply thick or particle-filled fluids with ease and accuracy.

Angled Tips

Optimum® angled stainless steel tips with SafetyLok™ hubs are available in 45° and 90° bends. They deliver accurate, repeatable fluid dispensing in challenging applications.

Brush Tips

Ideal for spreading glues and greases, our high-quality nylon 6/12 brush dispense tips come with either soft or stiff bristles to meet your application needs. Optimum® brush tips deliver unparalleled performance and ...

Chamfered Tips

Perfect for micro-deposit applications of low-viscosity fluids, Optimum® chamfered tips are designed with a special outer diameter taper that prevents wicking for greater deposit accuracy.

ESD-Safe Tips

These dispensing tips prevent static buildup that can damage fragile electronic components, such as semiconductors and printed circuit boards.

Flexible Tips

Optimum® flexible dispensing tips provide accurate, repeatable deposits in areas that are normally too difficult to reach.

Metal Nozzles

Our metal nozzles are 100% stainless steel free of flash and burrs. With a 1/4 NPT (6.35 mm) thread, they fit Nordson EFD 725 Series and 736HPA-NV valves.

Plastic Nozzles

Polyethylene nozzles securely thread into all Optimum® cartridge sizes, 725 Series piston valves, and 736HPA-NV high pressure valves.

PTFE-Coated Tips

Optimum® PTFE-coated dispense tips control wicking to stop dripping. By providing fast, clean cutoff they increase productivity and reduce material waste.

PTFE-Lined Tips

Our clog-free, PTFE-lined dispense tips are ideal for dispensing low-viscosity cyanoacrylates and other assembly fluids.

Tip Shields

Reusable tip shields for light-sensitive and UV-cure adhesives. Tip shields fit over the dispensing tip hub.

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