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Plato Shear S Extra-Strong Cutter

Innovative lead shear cutter engineered to precisely trim higher gauge leads and wire without the blade nicking or dulling. Cut up to 15 AWG copper wire (.06”/1.5mm).

Plato Shear Ergonomic Cuttera

Shear cutter Cuts round and flat cable, co-ax, nickel, Kovar, and other wire with a clean shearing cut that reduces cable cut-end distortion. Lightweight design, only 2.5 ounces (71g), significantly reduces operator ...

Plato Shear Cutter

The Plato 170 Plato shear cutter offers precise, reliable cutting action at an economical price.

Brass Waterless Tip Cleaner

Plato's Brass Tip Cleaner removes burnt flux and oxidation from tips to improve wetting, heat-throughput, and tip life.


Plato® sponges are manufactured with pure cellulose (a wood derivative) which has the ability to absorb many times its weight in water.

Tip Tinner

Plato’s Tip-Tin provides fast, efficient cleaning and re-tinning of highly oxidized soldering iron tips safely and efficiently.

Needle Flux Dispenser

Needle bottles are ideal for precisely controlled flux applications.

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